Just South of Downtown Seattle in Historic Pioneer Square, Cue CrossFit is a functional fitness gym offering Boot Camp classes, Personal Training, HIIT Workouts, and Open Gym to those seeking a welcoming community and a healthier life.

Boot Camp / CrossFit

The CrossFit workout is performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Cue offers world-class programming while also catering to all levels of fitness, allowing each class to be challenging yet very beginner friendly.

Olympic Lifting

Saturdays at 10am! Focused on developing barbell lifts and technique. This class breaks each movement down to its components to perfect your form and achieve strength gains.

Open Gym

We dedicate half of our space and equipment to Open Gym, which is open all day. Complete with barbells, bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, clubbells, battle ropes, and even a 450lb tire. This area is your playground.

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