Voted 2017’s BEST CrossFit in Seattle!

Just South of Downtown Seattle in Historic Pioneer Square, Cue is a functional fitness gym offering Boot Camp classes, Personal Training, HIIT Workouts, and Open Gym to those seeking a welcoming community and a healthier life.


The CrossFit workout is performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. Cue offers world-class programming while also catering to all levels of fitness, allowing each class to be challenging yet very beginner friendly.



Cue’s own spin on high-intensity “bootcamp” style training. This constantly varied class combines cardiovascular movements like sprints and jump rope with high-rep core movements utilizing medicine balls and kettlebells to deliver a unique, high energy experience. No barbell involved in this class. Check the schedule below for class times.

Olympic Lifting

Saturdays at 10am & Wednesdays at 7pm! Focused on developing barbell lifts and technique. This class breaks each movement down to its components to perfect your form and achieve strength gains.


Ab Lab

 Sundays at 9am! This is a fast-paced class packed with moves to strengthen your core (abs, lower back and trunk). This class utilizes high-intensity interval training to lay the groundwork for a strong core to power your workouts throughout the week. You’ll experience a balanced series of strengthening exercises for the major muscle group using resistance bands, medicine balls, kettlebells, and more.

Open Gym

We dedicate half of our space and equipment to Open Gym, which is open all day (weekdays 6am-8pm, weekends 8am-1pm). Complete with barbells, bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, clubbells, battle ropes, and even a 450lb tire. This area is your playground.



Offered Saturdays at 12pm, Cue Yoga class is for all levels focusing on flexibility, strength, and restoration. This class is good medicine for recovery after a long week of workouts, and calming for the mind as well.

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